How A Construction Loan Works

Have you ever thought about building the home of your dreams? Most people have. And, maybe like most people, that was as far as you got. The number one reason people don't follow through with building their dream home is because they are overwhelmed with tackling such a large project.

Financing, All American, Home, Dream HomesAlthough there are a lot of details to handle, building a home can be a wonderful experience. Because the secret to a positive experience understands the construction process and how a construction loan works, we are sharing the key steps to the building and financing process.

Select a House Plan and Specifications

Choosing your house plan and specifications is one of the most important steps in building the home of your dreams. There is a lot to consider when making your selections. It is important that the plans and specs reflect your current lifestyle needs, as well as your needs 5 to 10 years from now. Be sure the plans and specs have the details you are looking for.

Now is the time to consider all of the details All American Dream Homes and their experienced team will guide you through every step of the way.

Download our pre-qualification checklist

Download our personal financial worksheet

Or use this loan prequalification calculator as the first step in determining your ability to qualify for a loan. While this loan prequalification calculator can't guarantee you will qualify for a new loan, it is a good check point.

The Van Beek family.

The Van Beek family.

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