“When my husband and I started looking at homes in October, We looked at a lot of different locations. We ran into some problems, because we didn’t own property for a home, or the homes just didn’t seem to be what we wanted. Then we went to All American Dream Homes where we met John Breault. He walked us through their homes where we found a house we fell in love with. Unfortunately, the home was too much for our pocketbooks. A few days later, we received a call from John. He had found a home he knew we would love AND the property to set it on. So we took a look at it “via” our computer, and sure enough, it was the house we chose to purchase. So with John, along with Randy, their project manager, we sat down and went through each step of the process from start to finish. Thanks to the All American Dream Home Team, we have now been living in our home 1 ½ months. John is an excellent representative for All American Dream Homes. But we can’t forget about the other people who have helped us in the purchase of our home. With Brandy and Kim working with us through All American Dream Mortgage, they have also helped to make our dream come true. Thank you so much to all of you at All American Dream Homes.”

Debra Umlah, Pound, Wisconsin

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