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Our Process


Knowing Your Budget

When beginning to work with us as a home builder, it is important that we get to understand your budget in order to find you a home that is affordable and attainable for your family. This allows us to minimize wasted time by ensuring the home we are showing you is within budget.

Understanding Your Needs

Our next priority is getting to know you, your vision for your home, and what exactly your requirements are. At this stage we will know everthing from your price range to your personal preferences, so we are on the same page right from the get-go.

Walk-Through Building Process

As the building process begins, it’s not that you’re left in the dark and only shown the final product. Far from it. In fact, you’re walked through every single step of the construction process, from start to finish.

Consulting Agreement and Intent to Build

At this stage in the process, we would engage in a consulting agreement and an intent to build. This stage would provide you with an estimated cost which would be finalized with a thorough site inspection.

Construction Site Pre-Inspection

Never build on unexamined ground! We take this motto seriously, (literally) leaving no stone unturned. Our founder, John, has decades of expertise in in-depth site inspections. In this phase, we determine and handle critical factors like house placement, soil conditions, permitting requirements, etc.

Complete Cost Analysis

Once the Construction Site is inspected, we now understand every detail of your project and can provide you with an accurate quote and set of allowances. Although unexpected price changes may arise, we take pride in the accuracy of our prices.

New Home and General Contracting Agreement

After we review the cost analysis, we will finalize an agreement setting the prices, allowances, and agreeing to the general contracting so we can begin the process to get you and your family in your new home.

Site Preparation

With us, you don’t just get a fancy report about your site, we do all the dirty work, from tearing down existing structures and excavation, to handling wells and tricky septic tanks!


Code-Abiding Construction

It’s important to make sure your home abides by local and state codes. We take this very seriously, and from the very first inspection, we are evaluating codes, and meticulously double-checking the law of your specific county or township, to ensure that everything is above board!